Welcome to Soul Spirit!

Inspire yourself through meditation and visualization, movement and dance

Enjoy self-expression and dance!

You can also book a Tarot reading with me at

The Hare and the Moon, in Twickenham, in person, or via Zoom!

My Dance into Your Power online tutorial, Is an easy-to-follow movement and dance video, you can enjoy for 30 days, all from the comfort of your own home!

And so we begin...

Tarot and Spirit Readings

At The Hare and the Moon. The Hare and the Moon offers face to face readings in a cozy and private environment for those who want to either try Tarot for the first time in a safe space
or maybe just a little Tarot reading top up to see you through the coming months. Available in store via appointment only
48 hour cancelation policy applies Please click on the image for more information or to book your reading.

Tarot Readings with Michele Dashwood

At The Hare and the Moon Twickenhm

Tarot and Spirit readings with Michele of Soul Spirit, are now available to book at The Hare and the Moon,

lower ground floor spiritual and meditation room at

23 Church Street, Twickenham, TW1 3NJ

Light goddess

Meditation and Visualisation

Meditation and Visualisation are very helpful tools to have in your spiritual first aid kit.
Using meditation will help you to stay in the moment...and will help balance mind body and soul.
For me it is very much like daydreaming on a much deeper level.
Why not try a free 5 minute meditation and see how this helps you to de stress...
Just set your phone or timer for 5 minutes ...get comfortable...and relax...
Think of somewhere peaceful and calm...like a garden... meadow or forest...and imagine all the colours sights and sounds...
Let your mind run free and explore...like a small child...
Taking in all the sights and sounds of this new exciting adventure...see where this takes you...
Join Soul Spirit for lots more guided meditations and visualisations...and dance
Stay Present...Stay in the Moment...
Dance to the Beat of your own Drum...x

soul dancer spirit dancing in water

Dance Movement and Visualisation

Using movement along with visualisation is a way of being and embodying your thoughts...in other words giving your thoughts a body to express its feelings but in a creative and nurturing way...its a way to get your feelings out there.
We hold a lot of stress and tension in our heads as well as our bodies...so by using positive visualisation during movement...its like your mind telling your body
“wow this is great...I'm feeling so much better getting it out there” and your body telling your mind “yeah I feel much better already...much more open” so this works well on both levels...
Self-expression through movement,will also help your self-esteem and body posture...Try a quick fix...Stand somewhere where you wont be disturbed...out in nature is always good...but this can be done anywhere at any time...
Take a deep breath in and out...outstretch your arms to either side...and let your head rest back so it is pointing up at the sky...visualise lots of bright colours all around you and just take a moment to feel that freedom...if you can dance with the wind...all the better...See how you feel after doing this...
Open Arms...Open Mind...
Come join Soul Spirit and my Dance in to Your Power Self-Expression Online Tutorial 

Dance in to Your Power Video - Preview - From Your Feet up

Here is a sneak preview of what its all about... Dance to the beat of your own drum...

pink/blue sunset with silhouette lady holding light bulb and fairy lights

When I went along to my first Dance into Your Power workshop, I had no idea what to expect. I had never tried anything like this before. Michele was amazing at guiding us through a series of visualisations and movement exercises. My favourite one was the bubble exercise

-Dee Safieh

I have been attending Michele’s Dance in to Your Power for over a year now and would highly recommend it. I normally shy away from dance classes but the way she runs her classes has allowed me to take things at my own pace and build up my confidence so now I can really let go and I find that really freeing and liberating.

- Anna Dyson

pink/blue sunset with silhouette lady arms outstretched  

Fantastic workshop - highly recommended. Michele has a special way of creating a space for you to dance with confidence, feel empowered and energised by the end of the session - love her workshops

-Serena Austin

Michele's Dance Into Your Power classes are a unique and powerfully transformative way to make deep and lasting beneficial changes to your states of body/mind. From my perspective as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming the way that Michele guides you through her blend of movement and metaphor into your own inner landscape is a beautifully crafted work of genius. 

-Tania Strauss Matchett

Photo of Michele Dashwood

About Me...

Hi, I’m Michele, welcome to Soul Spirit!

I've had an interest in the spirit world for as long as I can remember and always loved to dance.

I am also a huge animal lover and have 4 cats...who I'm sure you will see getting in on the action in my dance videos!

Over the years I have always followed a spiritual path in one way or another, from being part of a spiritualist development circle, where I learnt about Mediumship and channelling Spirit, to learning about meditation and the benefits of using visualisation.

I have always loved to express myself through dance, from early ballet classes as a small child, to movement and mime classes in my 20s. Dance and movement has always brought me a sense of calm, joy and inspired me creatively.

From the age of 10 after the sudden death of my father I started to experience panic attacks and became Agoraphobic, until my late teens. I always found dancing and movement of any kind really brought down my stress levels.

When I had the idea of doing workshops, I wanted to incorporate visualisation and meditation along with dance as knowing how all of these elements had really helped me, I wanted to create a safe, friendly and happy space for those of us that want to feel that connection between mind and body or just need to let loose and dance like no one's watching.

For the dance, I use drum and percussion sounds.

The workshops are for anyone who loves movement and dance...no experience is needed and everyone can enjoy the freedom of dance and self-expression.

Movement, dance, visualisation techniques and meditation, really help the balance between mind, body and spirit.

Lets dance...

Warmest wishes

Michele x